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  52. My name is Craig, I am an experienced Systems Administrator. I enjoy swimming, and cycling, although I don't do enough of either, and food, which I do too much of. My interests also include reading fantasy and sci-fi, particularly if it has a funny side.
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  55. I have set this site up largely because I can, and also as a precursor to migrating my existing site over to the hosts this site lives on. The design I am aware isn't great, but is going to be a work in progress for some time. The site lives on two virtual hosts and the content is kept in sync by being uploaded through a workflow based on git, although more details can be found on my blog, or by asking me.
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  58. One of the interests I have is debate, and also knowledge for knowledge sake. This interest I tend to expect other people to share, which can annoy those that don't share it, so I try to keep it to myself with people I don't know. One upshot of this is that I have a wide range of knowledge on quite diverse topics, not very deep knowledge in many of them mind, but deep enough to hold my own in a debate about many subjects with most people.
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  61. I am quite proud of the fact that I am a member of Mensa, having a quite high IQ, I also like to consider myself generally quite intelligent, even accepting the fact that IQ is a very narrow measure of intelligence. That said I am also aware that on occasion I can be quite stupid.
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  64. I like to think I am a reasonably moral person, but I do have failings, and I can sometimes be quite pragmatic. This, combined with quite strongly held views in some areas, can make me quite difficult to get along with at times, but I have learnt to not judge others by my beliefs. Unless of course they try to force their beliefs onto me, but that is not a topic for here.
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