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  pmb00cs b0b9afb08a Add 'LICENSE' 1 month ago
  Craig Stewart cf11ee064f Bloody JavaScript 1 month ago
  Craig Stewart b5801c39f3 actually parse the flags so that config can be loaded 1 month ago
  Craig Stewart 26c93013f1 allow the two login methods to be enabled or disabled as required 1 month ago
  Craig Stewart 5bbba82de5 fetch tenant keys every 12 hours to cope with key rollover 1 month ago
  Craig Stewart 4734c25452 validate signature based on keys fetched from the tenant jwks url 1 month ago
  Craig Stewart daaf11203c fetch tenant keys that may be used to sign JWT on startup, will need to make this happen on a schedule 2 months ago
  Craig Stewart 36e231dbff validate claims, still need to validate JWT signature 2 months ago
  Craig Stewart 2779bcaeac login flow works, but still need to validate id token 2 months ago
  Craig Stewart 0beae4d292 start of azure ad login with redirect working 2 months ago
  Craig Stewart d18de558b0 make manage locations reload page when createitem api redirects to login 5 months ago
  Craig Stewart cd88233cac interface to openldap, and use generic config 5 months ago
  Craig Stewart ee68db9460 redirect to managelocations page on login 5 months ago
  Craig Stewart 02c3fed5de add session management, a login page, and a default page. 5 months ago
  Craig Stewart 896f2e1dc5 use config file to load configuration, and use global redis client instance 6 months ago
  Craig Stewart 8e0a7f3de7 improve javascript in manage locations page to include actual links 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart f0445ee4dd set longer expiry on redis keys, and more useful id and key lengths 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 8de7ca07fe add page to use API for creating new items 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart e98da9240a use crypto/rand to generate random id and key values 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart bd5c75927e make api for creating new items in redis, and use stubbed random string function 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 138b143848 make check for key look in redis 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart b364b4ec75 make get location retry api in 5 seconds if the item exists but is empty 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 01b5575b78 create page for fetching location shared. 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart a24ddc8736 add GET api call with fetching data from redis 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 5ab3dbf1d4 write keys to redis with 30 second timeout 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 319868fe44 add string filtering of id and key, hard code both to test and get javascript to send post request 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 2e47d4de1a finish post request, with stubbed out function to write content 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart a52ee45ef0 stub out check item key, and improve post api 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart aac99d7f43 starting to frame post request to read location data 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 56676f6aa4 add example systemd service file 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart 2f912d8495 make app listen on localhost only 10 months ago
  Craig Stewart a664aaa6e0 initial basic app 10 months ago
  pmb00cs 882b5a7f94 Initial commit 10 months ago